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How to apply visa online?

How to apply visa online?

 4 Steps To Get Vietnam Visa On Arrival instantly |
1. Fill out the secure online application form
The applicant need to provide the exactly details appear as in Passport
  •     Full name 
  •  ​   Date of birth
  •  ​   Choosing type of Visa
  •  ​   Passport number
  •  ​   Purpose of visit 
  •  ​   Entry date
2. Settle for Payment online on secure payment gate using Visa-master-credit card-Amex
Make sure it once again for steps 1 all clear & correctly then click to pay.
We are preferring some payment methods by visa, master, credit card. PayPal or Western Union.
We’re highly recommend you to use our extra service with most excellence services.
3. Getting Official visa pre-approval letter from Immigration department send via Email
Mostly takes 12-24 hours or less to get official visa pre-approval letter from Immigration department of Vietnam with our dedicated team support. You’re ready for board. Before hands, you have to print out that visa letter + NA 1 Form (airport Form needed) + 2photos size of passport(similar as in passport) + USD or other strong currency for Stamp fee (at landing visa counter)
4. Ready to travel to Vietnam and getting visa stamp at Vietnam airports (landing visa counter).
When arrival Vietnam airport, you should submit all documents have prepare at STEP3 to the airport’s custom of Vietnam for Visa stamp.
If you have ordered for our airport fast track service. Let our dedicated team support at airport take care for your step3. (Must providing exactly flight confirmed for this service).

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