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How To Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival

What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is a way of getting a valid visa pre-approval letter which is approved by Vietnamese Immigration Department in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi City. Vietnam visa on arrival is not same like you think can flight directly to Vietnam without an confirmation letter issues by the Vietnamese Immigration. But you must have it before hands, so you are eligible to get visa stamping at one of these international airports in Vietnam [ Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi City, Hai Phong City, Da Nang City, Nha Trang city, Phu Quoc Island].

What is official e-visa Vietnam?

General: Vietnamese e-visa is a kind of travel documents granted by Vietnamese competent authorities, providing permission to travel to and enter Vietnam.

An electronic visa (E-visa) is one of visa types issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department via electronic system. Vietnam E-visa is valid for maximum of 30 days, single entry, with tourist or business visa.

Is Vietnam Visa on Arrival legitimate? of Course Yes.

Issuing authority: Vietnam Immigration Department – a Government’s authority

Legal basis: Ordinance on entry, exit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam

  1. Government’s Decree No. 21/2001/ND-CP
  2. Joint Circular No. 04/2002/TTLT/BCA-BNG

How to apply?

Step1. Submit Application online

Take 5 minutes to fill out the application form online with minimum required information:

Full name (The same as in passport)

Date of birth:

Nationality (Country’s issues passport)

Passport number:

Date of arrival:

Type of Visa:

Step2. Get Pre-Approval Letter via Email

After 24 hours (normal service); applicants will:

Get visa approval letter sending via email (attached with Vietnamese visa application NA1 form)

You need to do:

Print out the letter and the form,

Fill out the Vietnamese visa application form,

Prepare 2 passport-sized photos 4x6cm and cash for stamping fee,

Put all above mentioned things along with your passport in a package,

then show them to Immigration officer at Vietnam arrival airports.

Step3. Get Vietnam Visa Stamped at Arrival counter.

Travel worry-free

Upon landing, head to the Landing visa counter, present the following:

Your passport, Visa approval letter,

2 Passport-sized photos,

Vietnamese visa application form, and Stamping fee to the Immigration Officer to get visa stamped onto your passport.

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Online Visa application form
Step 1
Online Visa application form

Fill in The Application form online all data appear as in your Passport

 Full name - Gerder

  • ​ Date of birth:
  • ​ Passport number:
  • ​ Present Nationality ( As in Passport)
  • ​ Length of Visa : 1 month or One year
  • ​ Purpose of visit 
  • ​ Entry date

Accepted All Cards with Secure E-Payment Gate
Step 2
Accepted All Cards with Secure E-Payment Gate

Vietnam eVisa Prefering Some Methods for Online Payment with Secure site


​ Double Check Once Again For Your Data at Step 1.


​ We're accpted all type of Cards with & PayPal.COM or Western Union.


​ We’re highly recommended to use our extra service with most excellence services

Getting Visa Pre-approved Letter ( Visa On Arrival  At Vietnam Airport)
Step 3
Getting Visa Pre-approved Letter ( Visa On Arrival At Vietnam Airport)


 You're getting Visa Approved Letter( Issued by Vietnamese Government) send by email. So you're ahead to travel to Vietnam. 


​ You’re ready for board airplane. Before that, you have to print out that visa letter + NA 1 Form (airport Form needed) + 2photos similar of passport photo + USD or other strong currency for Stamp fee (at landing visa counter).

Getting Visa Stamp Upon Arrival At Vietnam Airport
Step 4
Getting Visa Stamp Upon Arrival At Vietnam Airport


​  Getting Visa Stamp Upon Arrival Vietnam int'l airport(submit Visa Letter + NA1 +Passport +Fee for Stamp) 


​  Otherwise, If you ordered our Airport Fastrack. Our Dedicated Team will helping out for it.


​  Important Noted**: Double Check for Visa sticker (Yellow Visa) to make sure there's no mistaken.

Welcome To Vietnam!

Tourist Visa
Visa type Service Fee
1 month single entry $10.pax
1 month multiple entries $12.pax
3months single entry $25.pax
3months multiple entries $30.pax
Business Visa
Visa type Service Fee
1 month single entry $80.pax
1 month multiple entry $85.pax
3 months single entry $125.pax
3 months multiple entry $145.pax
Tourist (U.S Only)
Visa type Service Fee
1 month single entry $10.pax
1 month multiple entry $12.pax
3 month single entry $25.pax
3 month multiple entry $30.pax
6 month multiple entry $45.pax
1 year multiple entry $50.pax
Business (U.S Only)
Visa type Service Fee
1 month single entry $80.pax
1 month multiple entry $85.pax
3 month single entry $125.pax
3 month multiple entry $145.pax
6 month multiple entry $195.pax
1 year multiple entry $295.pax

What’s different between e-visa & visa on arrival?

e-Visa and Visa on Arrival (VOA) is two of the several visa types issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Department to foreigners intending to enter the country. Here’s below the different between them:

Both e-visa & visa on arrival offer visa to Vietnam for 2 purposes: tourist (type DL) OR business (type DN).


  • Support multiple entry gate (airport, land border, seaport),
  • Length of stay maximum 30days with single entry only
  • E-visa issues for more than 80 eligible countries in the world
  • Paying one time online for all include.
  • e-Visa just go straight to the passport control to show e-visa for checking & then get stamp on your passport for entry 30 days, no need to pay once.

Visa on arrival:

  • Support only entry gate by airports
  • Length of visas with multiple options for single or multiple entry and allow to choose 1 month, 3 months, 6 month and 12 months,
  • Visa on arrival issues for all eligible countries in the world.
  • Requires to pay for the visa approval letter and stamp fee when getting stamping visa at the passport control.
  • Getting to first landing counter to get the visa sticker and then move to next counter to get stamp onto your passport. You are almost done.!

Welcome to Vietnam!

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Ronald B. MartinReply
How many types of visa in Vietnam and what are they?
@Ronald B. Martin:There are 4 types of Vietnam visa: tourist visa, business visa, diplomatic and official Vietnam visa and transit visa. Tourist visa is the most popular one. Click website to see details and procedures for application of each visa type. In addition, base on the length of stay and number of entry, visa is divided into 1 month or 3 month, single or multiple entry visa
 I enter Vietnam for doing business, do I have to apply for Vietnam business visa?
@Katherine:Actually you could apply for Vietnam tourist visa in this case, because Vietnam Government do not care about the visa type when people applying for a visa. If your business in Vietnam takes less than 1 month, you should apply for a tourist 1 month visa. However, for Vietnam visa on arrival, you do not need a sponsor when applying for both tourist visa or business visa, for Vietnam embassy visa, it's required a Vietnamese organization invitation letter and guarantee to get a business visa.
Rémy GrimardReply
 What is the simplest way to get visa to Vietnam?
@Rémy Grimard:The easiest and simplest way to get visa to Vietnam is to apply online for visa on arrival. What you need to do is just to work with a Internet connected computer or mobile devices for a while to fill out the application form, make payment, and wait only 1 or 2 working days, or even some hours to receive the visa approval letter via email. By showing this letter + passport + photos and paying the stamping fee to the Immigration Counter upon arrival in Vietnam, you will get your visa stamped onto passport, and free to enter Vietnam
Timothy BoyerReply
What is Vietnam single and multiple entry visa?
@Timothy Boyer:A Vietnam single entry visa allows you to enter Vietnam once during its validity time but a multiple entry visa allows you to enter Vietnam more than once (as many times as you can) during its validity time. For example, if you enter Vietnam now, stay some days and leave for Cambodia, when re-entering Vietnam, you can still use your current Vietnam multiple entry visa (within its validity). The stamping fee are request to pay at the first entry only.
Maya ParkinsonReply
What is Vietnam visa exemption?
@Maya Parkinson:Those passport holders whose nationalities are in Vietnam visa exemption are allowed to enter Vietnam without a visa within certain period of time. Examples are Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc...
Carlos Cardoso MartinsReply
When do I need visa extension and how long in advance do I need it?
@Carlos Cardoso Martins:You will have your Vietnam visa extended in case your visa expires and you expect to stay in the country longer. For example, your visa is a 1 month entry visa, but you would like to stay in Vietnam for 45 days in total, you need to get your visa extended 1 month more. Mostly the visa could be extended once. It would be best for visa applicants to have visa extended about 10 days before its expiration. The easiest way is to ask an agent do it for you.
Jaroslav HolubReply
When do I need visa renewal and how long in advance do I need it?
@Jaroslav Holub:You will have your Vietnam visa renewed when you need to change it from single into multiple entry, or you need to extend it more than once. It would be best for visa applicants to have visa renewed about 10 days in advance. The easiest way is to ask an agent do it for you.
Steffen SchneiderReply
I am a Vietnamese overseas, do I need a visa to enter Vietnam?
@Steffen Schneider:According to Vietnam regulation, the overseas Vietnamese are offered Vietnam visa exemption, that is, they could enter Vietnam without a visa. However, they are required to submit a number of documents and proofs to prove that they are original Vietnamese  to the Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate to be granted visa exemption document. Thus, if one does not have much time, the quickest way to enter Vietnam is to apply for a visa to Vietnam via an agent.
Linda J. LuceroReply
Is that possible to apply for Vietnam visa at weekend, on Vietnamese holidays or overtime?
@Linda J. Lucero:Yes, you can definitely get your visa approval letter done on this occasion at a higher processing fee. You had better check your Vietnam visa requirements to make sure that you must have a visa to enter Vietnam. An early application will help you to avoid many troubles and expenses. If it happens unfortunately, please contact us and we are assured that we can help.
Rebecca J. ThrailkillReply
Can a visa agents help me in arranging a letter of approval or I can do it by myself?
@Rebecca J. Thrailkill:You can apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy in your country by yourself, however, you need to ask a Vietnam visa agent for the help in arranging Vietnam visa on arrival. Vietnam visa agents have a great command of Vietnamese visa and they normally have a good relationship with Vietnam Immigration Department that make their work really efficient. Your visa can be arranged in short time, accuracy and safety then
Hi. I would like to visit Ho Chi Minh from Phu Quoc. Is that possible? I only want to stay 4 days. 
Visacenter.VN Reply
@Graham: May i know where do you from please. 
Vietnam visa support
I am having dutch passport and want to go on vacation to Vietnam for 4-5 days. Do I need to apply online?
Peter GregoryReply
Do I need a Visa for Vietnam if tourist and visit is only 10 days. Have UK passport 
How much the visa stamping 

Stamping Fees ( Pay upon arrival At Vietnam airport at landing visa counter)

Stamping fee is the fee you pay directly to Immigration Officers in cash (at Immigration Desk/Counter) at your arrival airport in Vietnam to have visa stamped onto your passport. The fee is collected by Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival method. The Stamping fee can be paid in USD or VND, etc. but USD is highly recommended to avoid any unexpected unbalanced exchange rates applied at the airport. See table above for details.

  1 or 3 Months single entry visa will be   : $ 25 USD/person
 1 or 3 Months mutiple entry visa will be: $ 50 USD/Person
 6 Months multiple entry visa will be:       $ 95 USD /person
 One year multiple entry visa will be :     $ 135 USD /person.

Mohammad Beigi , Im Iranian Citizen at this time in Thailand my tourist visa going to end and want to visit Thai embassy in Hanoi , may i can get approval letter from you ? 
I lost visa in Vietnam now I need to apply visa back to America. Can I do visa in vietnam and how much do I have to pay? Where can I apply for visa? 
hi am looking at traveling to vietnam next year on a return flight from ho chi minh but am not planning on staying more than 15 days as will go to cambodia but will go back to ho chi minh for my return flight home will i need a visa?if so what visa will i need and how much will it cost ?? thanks kind regards 
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